We are entering into 8th year.!!

Shreevaartha.org was started in 2006 on Akshaya triteeya. Since then shreevaartha has grown by leaps and bounds because of the support of the devotees from all over the world.


a1Dear friends , this is the age of computers and every information is available on our fingertips. It is our tradition that everyone wants to visit holistic places whenever they get an opportunity, however, through shreevaartha.org one can feel similar experiences like visiting holistic places by browsing various sections of the site. Isn’t it great

Though the website started as a platform for sharing ongoing happenings about shree raghavendra swamy mutt jogeshwari and educating about pawadas of shree raghavendra swamiji , the website slowly picked up many other spiritual aspects of life and started serving thousands of devotees online and became popular  among devotees. The website also offered matrimony service for devotees.

I congratulate the site for it’s service to the divine community and wish all the very best for the future. – Dr Aralumallige Parthasarathy – Internationally renowned management professional

a2From last 8 years, shreevaartha.org has been serving the needs of thousands of devotees in spiritual and religious ways and through this platform devotees can have access to a new whole world of information about shree raghavendra swamy and other spiritual aspects. I have recorded 32 set of audio for Harikathamrutasara and released to all devotees. The same series , I would like to put up on shreevaartha.org as well. Requesting all devotees to listen to it and benefit. Thank you.- Mr Anantha Kulkarni – Renowned devotional Dasa Sahitya singer


a3Shreevaartha.org has been a such a wonderful opportunity for me as it helped to enhance my skills for my web development interests and most importantly it gave me never before opportunity to learn about shree raghavendra swamy and read about his miracles. Not to forget about the very good development team we are associated with and the new friends we made. It’s all miracle and it’s all because shree raghavendra swamyji. I feel blessed to be part of such a noble cause and congratulate shreevaartha on entering into 8th year.

Lots of additions are going to be seen on this site in coming days and our aim is to enrich and elevate this website to a whole new level making it a hub for devotional information, be it mantras , slokas, downloadable, audio-visuals or Live streaming. – Mr Naveen Kulkarni – Co-developer of shreevaartha website